Meshify C Mini / X399 mATX Build - PCPartPicker

With ASRock's X399M Taichi motherboard ready to take AMD Ryzen Threadripper to smaller spaces, we try to squeeze as much power as we can into an Fractal Design's new micro-ATX Meshify C Mini case. Check out our latest video to see how the build came together.

Our latest video brings together CORSAIR's latest RGB components -- from the H150i PRO CPU Cooler, to the LL (light loop) fans, and even the Vengeance RGB memory -- all inside the 4-sided tempered glass showcase that is the Crystal 570X

pcpartpicker - Twitch

Join us for our next live build on today (December 20th) at 2 PM CST! We'll be building with MSI Gaming's top of the line Z370 Godlike Gaming motherboard in the brand new Fractal Design Define R6. We'll also be checking out CORSAIR's Vengeance RGB memory and ML120 PRO RGB fans with the Lighting Node PRO controller.

Join us Friday, November 17th @2PM CST on for another live build! This time we've got the new BitFenix ENSO case to build an Intel i5-8600K / GTX 1080 gaming system. We'll also be checking out ASRock's Z370 Killer SLI motherboard and DEEPCOOL's new RGB version of the Captain 240EX CPU cooler.

Join us for our next live build on Tuesday, November 14th @2PM CST on We're checking out NZXT's new H700i case using an AMD Ryzen 7 1700 / VEGA 64 system inside powered by a Seasonic - 海韻電子 Focus PLUS Gold power supply.

We're back with another live build today, October 27 @2PM CDT on This time we'll be building with an Intel Core i7-8700K using the ASRock Fatal1ty Z370 Pro Gaming i7 motherboard inside the Cooler Master MasterCase H500P case.

Coffee Lake / Z370 Build - ASUS ROG Strix Z370-E Gaming / Intel Core i5-8600K

We've posted a new build video today, using the new Intel Core i5-8600K, the ASUS Republic of Gamers STRIX Z370-E Gaming motherboard and Strix GeForce GTX 1080.

To leverage the motherboard's Aura Sync feature, we added in the DEEPCOOL GAMMAXX GT RGB CPU Cooler and Team Knight Hawk RGB memory, allowing for LED color coordination across the motherboard, memory, cooler and GPU.

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Join us for a live build this Tuesday at 2PM CDT on Josh from Fractal Design will be stopping by to help us put together an AMD Ryzen Threadripper system using MSI Gaming's X399 Gaming Pro Carbon/AC motherboard inside Fractal's recently released Define C TG case.

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For our latest video, we worked with ASUS to put together a high end creator/gaming system built around AMD's Ryzen Threadripper/X399 platform.

We packed all that processing power, along with 64GB of DDR4-3000 G.SKILL Global's Trident Z RGB memory, and two ASUS STRIX Gaming GeForce GTX 1080 Ti's into the anidees AI Crystal Cube RGB mid tower case.

MSI X299 Gaming Pro Carbon AC / Intel i7-7800X Build

Check out our latest video as we build a gaming PC with MSI Gaming's new X299 Gaming Pro Carbon AC motherboard

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Join us on today @2PM CDT for our next live build. We'll be using an i7-7700K with ASRock Fatal1ty Z270 Gaming K6 motherboard and EVGA GTX 1080 Ti SC2 Elite Gaming graphics card, all inside the Cooler Master MasterCase Maker 5t.

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Join us at 2PM CDT on as we take a look at the brand new Fractal Design Focus G and build a Ryzen 5 1600 system using MSI Gaming's B350 Tomahawk AM4 motherboard.

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Join us today on Twitch at 2PM CDT for our next live build. Asus sent us their latest X370 motherboard and two STRIX RX 480s to help us put together an AMD Ryzen system using the top of the line R7 CPU.

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Join us today at 2PM CST on Twitch for our next live stream. We'll be assembling a portable gaming PC for Dreamhack Austin using ASRock's new Fatal1ty Z270 Gaming-ITX/ac motherboard and Lian Li HQ's PC-TU200B case.

MSI Pick Your Dream Holiday PC Giveaway - PCPartPicker

Our friends at MSI USA want you to dream big this holiday season. Create a part list (up to $3000 USD) around your favorite MSI motherboard and graphics card, then they will select three random entrants to win their part list!

Check out our blog post for full details:

Good Luck!!

pcpartpicker - Twitch

Come join us today at 2PM Central for another live stream. We'll be doing an SLI GTX 1080 build in the new Corsair Crystal 570X RGB and giving our thoughts about the case along the way as we build in it for the first time.

pcpartpicker - Twitch

Come join us today at 2PM Central for another live stream. We'll be doing a build in the new Corsair Crystal 460X RGB and giving our thoughts about the case along the way.

NZXT S340 Elite Build and Giveaway - PCPartPicker

Check out our latest NZXT RGB VR build guide and enter for your chance to win all of the parts from video worth over 1500 dollars!

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Our friends at ASUS have put together a fun giveaway including an ASUS ROG motherboard and graphics card.

Check out the prizes below then head over to the giveaway page to enter!

Pick Your Favorite MSI Components Giveaway - PCPartPicker

Winners for the Pick Your Favorite MSI Components Giveaway have been selected. Check out the winning builds!

Pick Your Favorite MSI Components Giveaway - PCPartPicker

Pick Your Favorite MSI Components Giveaway!

MSI is giving away two PCPartPicker part lists, based around their motherboards and video cards, valued up to $2500 (US). What parts will you pick?

pcpartpicker - Twitch

Join us Thursday, July 28th at 2pm CST on Twitch for a live FreeNAS build and Q&A. We'll be assembling a small rack-mount build for internal use.

This isn't a sponsored build, so we'll be treating it very informally. Feel free to hop in and chat or ask us any questions (related to the build or not).

pcpartpicker - Twitch

Join us Thursday, July 14th at 2pm CDT on for an unboxing of the Oculus Rift.

We'll check out what's included and then hook it up to our recent MSI X99A Gaming Pro / Gaming X GTX GeForce 1080 build to play a few games.


Our friends at Fractal Design are giving away a $1750 gaming PC. Which PCPartPicker staff member built it best? Cast your vote & you could win the winning build! Open World Wide!

Enter Here:


Join us today, May 5th at 2pm CDT at for a live build! We'll be assembling Philip's Dreamhack build that we picked out last week on stream.


Join us today, April 28th at 2pm CDT on Twitch for a live stream discussing how to go about picking parts for your next build.

It'll be a live Q&A session, as well as an opportunity to plan a build for the upcoming Dreamhack event in Austin. We'll be talking about how to go about planning your build, how to pick parts, and what things to take into consideration. Hope you can join us!


Join us on Twitch at 2pm CDT for Dark Souls 3 game play with live FCAT and performance monitoring!

pcpartpicker - Twitch

Join us Thursday, April 7th at 2pm CDT (12pm PDT) for a live unboxing of the new HTC Vive.

We'll check out the hardware and then run it through its paces using the build from our last live stream.

Starting with this stream, we'll be broadcasting from the new PCPartPicker Twitch channel. Then in the following days we'll upload the 4K version of the footage to our PCPartPicker Youtube channel.

$1250 PC Build Live Stream

Join us Thursday, March 31st at 2pm CST for a live Q&A and build! We'll be assembling the PC from our latest build guide:

Newegg has put together a SuperCombo for the core of this build with some minor adjustments and great savings:

NZXT Manta Q&A / Live Build

Join us Thursday 1/28 at 2PM Central time for our weekly live stream. Eric from NZXT will be joining us to show off their newly released Manta ITX case and will walk us through building a high end gaming machine in such a small form factor. During the stream we will have an ongoing Q&A session for any and all of your PC building questions. We hope to see you there!

$850 Build - i5-4460 / R9 390 / Corsair Carbide 88R

We're back with another build guide and video walkthrough. This machine features an i5-4460, Radeon R9 390, and the Corsair Carbide 88R to create a powerful gaming PC on a budget that won't disappoint. Check out the video below and let us know what you think!

Corsair Carbide Clear 600C Overview

George from Corsair joined us in the PCPartPicker studio to show off the new Corsair 600C case!

Buy it here:

Want to add it to your build? Here's the Corsair 600C on PCPartPicker:

Silent Version:
Windowed Version:

Find the Perfect Portable Device - PortablePicker

Today we’re pleased to announce PortablePicker, a site for easily finding the best laptops and tablets.

PortablePicker lets you quickly filter and search for the perfect device, while also aggregating prices from dozens of retailers. Similar to PCPartPicker, you can set custom price alerts to get notified if any items matching your criteria go on sale.

We hope you find the new site useful. Please don’t hesitate to send us feedback or product addition requests on the PortablePicker forums. (Oh, and as you can guess by the name... mobile phones are on the list of things to be added very soon.)

A quick note on PortablePicker usernames:

We recognize that PCPartPicker users might want to create an account on PortablePicker with the same username. To prevent username squatting and confusion, we have reserved all PCPartPicker usernames on PortablePicker. To register your current username on PortablePicker, just register with your current PCPartPicker username and email address. This ensures that during the reservation window, no one can take your username from you. The reservation period ends 12/31/2015.

NZXT Hue+ unboxing with NZXT founder Johnny Hou

NZXT founder Johnny Hou joined us at the PCPartPicker office to show off the new Hue+ software controlled lighting controller. It's a pretty sweet add-on that lets you add configurable RGB LED strips to your build.

We're working on adding in part list support for the Hue+ here on PCPartPicker. In the meantime, you can find the Hue+ here:

Live Build - Office / Productivity PC

Join us today at 2PM Central time for our weekly live stream. Today we are assembling an itx office/productivity build. During the stream we will also be answering questions about components, pcpartpicker, and the computer industry.

ASUS PCDIY & PCPartPicker special live cast & live build - Q&A, Giveaways, & More!

Mark your calendars for the Asus PCDIY and PCPartPicker live stream this Wednesday, August 5th, 7:30pm PST - JJ from Asus will be joining us to go over information, insights, guides, and more surrounding Intel's next generation chipset and processors. Then we'll follow up with a live build using one of the new Asus Z170 motherboards.

JJ will be showing off motherboards, graphics cards, and more here at the new PCPartPicker office. We're putting together some exciting content - showcasing, discussing and demoing ASUS’ newest motherboards along with their latest features, functions and designs. If you have questions you'd like to submit for the live stream, make sure to submit via email at PCDIY@ASUS.COM. You can send them in via Twitter - just address to @ASUSTECHMKTJJ.

And to make the deal even sweeter, Asus is running a giveaway for a couple motherboards and some peripherals. You can find the details on how to enter the giveaway at

Amazon Prime Day Tracker - PCPartPicker

July 15th is Amazon's 20th birthday. To celebrate they're giving us Prime Day, where hundreds of items are going on sale for Prime members. We've put together a tracker so you can keep tabs on the deals as they roll in.

Newegg SuperCombo Build Video 4/15/2015

We've done another build video sponsored by This time around we bumped up the budget to bring you an amazing gaming machine all bundled together into a SuperCombo. Check out the video below and let us know what you think!

Newegg SuperCombo Build

Our latest build video was sponsored by They put together a fantastic SuperCombo for the entire build and if you are looking to build a new computer you should give it a look!

Today we're pleased to roll out significant updates to the site. In addition to a rework of the look and feel, we've also introduced a number of new features and performance improvements. While we're not done with all the updates we're working on, we did want to push live what we have to date.


Site look and feel: First and foremost, you'll notice a massive change in the appearance of the site. This is the first fruit of bringing on board our design lead Phil Coffman.

Site performance: We massively improved the performance of part selection pages. You should notice a difference immediately. We made not just the backend server processing but also the page load and rendering times significantly.

Part sorting: Part categories are now default sorted by popularity. We aggregate a significant amount of usage data that we then use to determine this ordering. What you'll find is that the parts you most commonly want will be right at the top (or close). We've been doing this on the mobile version since its release last May and decided to roll it out to the desktop version as well.

Part price filter: You've been asking for this for a while, and we heard you! You can now filter parts, completed builds, and build guides by price.

Build guides: Up until now only staff could publish PCPartPicker build guides. We've opened it up now so that anyone can create and publish a guide. You can also view other guides, as well as vote and comment on them. Feel like you have the best idea for an Intel or AMD based build? Create your guide!

User avatars: On comments and user pages, you can now have your own avatar. Just go to your profile page and upload your own profile image.

Build tags: Initially just for build guides, we'll be rolling out tagging support for completed builds soon too.

Sortable saved builds: We've totally revamped how saved and completed builds are displayed in your profile. You can now easily sort saved builds, completed builds, and your build guides. We have a few more improvements slated for this area, so stay tuned!

Ability to reorder completed build images: Now you can reorder your completed build images however you would like. We'll pull the first three images in the set and use those for the thumbnails when viewing the list of completed builds.

We hope you like the changes, and of course, let us know if you run into any issues!

skrillazoe's Completed Build

Our featured build this week is courtesy of PCPartPicker user skrillazoe. He shows off a stylish take on the black and blue NZXT H440 that is sure to impress anyone who gazes upon it. Check it out below and let him know what you think!

SUP3RN4UT's Completed Build

Happy Friday everyone! Our featured build this week is brought to you by PCPartPicker user SUP3RN4UT. His black and green themed build inside of the Corsair 350D packs a wallop. The CPU and SLI 680's are masterfully cooled with a custom loop that looks professionally installed. Check it out below and let him know what you think!

About AmazonSmile: Program details and FAQ

At PCPartPicker we strongly believe in giving back. To do so, we take a portion of our affiliate revenue and donate it to charity. To date we've contributed to Charity:Water and Extra Life. Through Charity:Water we've funded several large water and school projects in Malawi, Ethiopia, and Bangladesh. The time between donation and seeing the results is about 18-months, so there are projects we've funded still in the pipeline. We recently posted pictures from a recent completion report.

While we believe in giving back, we know many of you do too. So if you're already purchasing hardware for your next build, Amazon Smile lets you benefit a charity of your choosing when you make purchases through They take 0.5% of the total of eligible items and donate that - but only when shopping through The 0.5% does not change the cost of the items. Currently this offer is US only.

What we've done is add a user preference for the US version of this site that lets you opt-in to Amazon Smile links for any Amazon links on the site. Look for a checkbox labelled "Use Amazon Smile Links" in either the price settings on part category pages, or in your user preferences if you're logged in. If you set this option, any links to the US Amazon site will automatically get changed to links.

So, in a nutshell:

Purchases made through Amazon Smile donate 0.5% of the total to charity without increasing the cost to you.

PCPartPicker now automatically routes Amazon links through Amazon Smile through an opt-in user preference.

Meithen's Completed Build

Happy Friday everyone! Our featured build this week is brought to you by PCPartPicker user Meithen. This is his first machine and it is an absolute doozy. Meithen painted and modded several components inside of the Corsair 750D to deliver an unreal Mass Effect themed build. See it in all it's glory below and let him know what you think!

PCPartPicker - Stickers - Sticker Mule

Want to add a little extra flair to your build? PCPartPicker stickers and case badges are now up for sale! Check them out here:

Toukassay's Completed Build

This week our featured build comes from PCPartPicker user Toukassay. His gaming machine "DragonBox" packs a punch in a tiny package. Showcasing the new MSI Gaming 4G 970 inside a Corsair 250D, this is custom build to really admire. Check it out below for the full set of pictures and comments on component choices from Toukassay.

Computer Parts, PC Components, Laptop Computers, LED LCD TV, Digital Cameras and more -!

Newegg sent over a PCPartPicker-specific deal we think you'll find helpful! Save 10% on Computer Hardware, Accessories, Electronics & More w/ code PPP1013EX. (Expires 10/19.)

Newegg Business is also offering a site-wide $50 OFF purchase of $550 w/ promo code B2B5055AFC

As we enter the holiday season we'll do our best to track the best offers and promotions to share them with you here!

benleow's Completed Build

Our featured build this week is brought to you by PCPartPicker user benleow. His machine "Jarvis the DIY NAS/Home Server" is a bit different than most builds we have featured so far. Benleow has packed a ton of storage in a slick, silent black and white themed build.